Amy's Advice

Amy's Spring Tips & Advice!

Spring is here and it's time to edit that precious real estate we call a closet!

Here are 6 easy steps!

  1. It's going to look worse before it looks amazing.
    Starting is the worst part of every process! Get started and feel better about the appearance of both you and your closet!
  2. Take out everything that's not working.
    Be honest, if you've kept a piece around because you have plans to someday get into it, odds are good that when you do, it will be out of date. Guaranteed.
  3. Keep only the pieces that you LOVE.
    The pieces you love should make you feel GREAT! If you fill your closet with "GREAT" you'll wear clothes that make you feel that all the time!
  4. Organize, Organize, Organize!
    Now that you've got what you love, and ditched what you don't, arrange them by item, then by color (i.e. all trousers together, darkest to lightest, etc.).
  5. Finishing touches.
    Buy hangars that match, wooden or padded are best. It makes your closet more organized and maintains the shape of your clothes.
  6. Now What? How to fill the gaps
    Stand back & look at your clothes: too much pattern means you need more solid colors to diversify. If you have too many solids, it may be time for some pattern or color.

Spring Trends

Bermuda shorts are the new pencil skirt. Consider swapping your skirts for shorts this summer!

What I love about this: Orange accents! This is great because it takes a very simple look- jeans and a neutral top and adds color with orange accents! GREAT for every skin tone and age!

A site I love is Zulily! It's boutique brands at rock-bottom prices with constantly changing inventory.

The ear cuff- this season there are several 80's throwbacks and this is one of them! It can be anywhere from delicate to distracting but a fun accessory for sure.

Cream wedges are a MUST HAVE this season. A great brand is TOMS. Not only are they super comfortable and funky, but for every pair that is purchased, one is donated to a child without shoes! Total guilt free shopping!