Amy LindquistWhat Our Clients Are Saying

We’re big believers in the power of word of mouth.
In fact, the vast majority of our new clients find us thanks to recommendations from the men and women we’ve worked with.

Here’s what Lindquist Fashion & Image Consulting clients are saying about Amy, the whole consultation experience, and the effect a new outlook on style has had on their personal and professional lives.

“We are so happy that we had you over yesterday. Now I can build my wardrobe with confidence. Thanks for all your practical advice. Your professionalism and knowledge of style is enlightening. You have a gift to develop people’s confidence in themselves. I’m so thankful you helped my sister see her beauty. She is radiating a confidence today that I haven’t seen before. It is priceless!"
- A.L. Buffalo, MN

“I have felt so fabulous wearing my new clothes – you are a miracle worker. You were right that I would learn a thing or two about future shopping on my own. I have now bought new clothes that fit and in fun colors – I feel like a Diva! That has never happened before! Thank you so much – you’ve changed my life in the few short hours we’ve spent together.”
- J.K., Minneapolis

“I REALLY enjoyed our shopping excursion and felt really good about our purchases. In fact, I thought that you'd be interested in knowing that within the first 10 minutes of being in the office today, I received four compliments on my outfit. Two of which said how ‘professional’ I looked. Pretty cool!! Our work and your expertise are already paying dividends!"
- S.O. Hudson, WI

“Thanks so much. This is really a lifelong adventure you have started me on. You have, in a matter of hours, given me room to raise the bar for myself and permission -- guilt free -- to not settle for less. Very powerful. Shopping with a newly trained eye is a lot more fun! Thanks again."
- J.C., St. Paul

“I just want to say thank you for the wardrobe consultation. I've done a few of my 'homework assignments' and already people are taking notice. With a new bra, a fitted shirt in my color palette and trousers that fit well, I have been receiving compliments left and right. 'You've lost weight!' 'You look great' and 'You look like a movie star!' This is fun!!"
- D.N., Minneapolis

“Thank you! I enjoyed my spring wardrobe consultation so much and I only wish I had called you a long time ago. Your enthusiasm, warm manner and great ideas put me immediately at ease. I have to admit I was a tad bit nervous about someone viewing my wardrobe (the good, the bad and the ugly); however, it wasn't at all intimidating. My family is grateful that I will now work on purchasing clothing items that are right for me, not just buying because it's on the sale rack. Thank you!"
- P.S., Cottage Grove, MN

“I have been trying on clothes all night! I have so many great choices that I can't decide what to wear next. There are so many fun, new options! Thanks for everything."
- J.S., Minnetonka, MN

From the husband of a happy client:
“My wife is finally dressing like the babe she's always been." - K.S., Minnetonka, MN