Why We Do What We Do

First impressions can determine whether we’re successful in getting a job—or getting a date. When we walk into a room, what’s going through people’s minds? Are they impressed by the confident, put-together image we project, or are they put off by our less-than-perfectly-fitting wardrobe, slumping posture, or lack of eye contact? Within just seven seconds, people have already made critical decisions about our professionalism, socio-economic status, education level and desirability.

The way we look is especially critical in today’s competitive business climate. In fact, a new study of human resource managers found that starting salaries for well-dressed and well-groomed job candidates were up to 20 percent higher than those of their less put-together peers.

Since 2000, image consultant Amy Lindquist, A.I.C.I, has been helping Twin Cities men and women—from recent college graduates to working moms to high-powered celebrities—create a look that suits them from head to toe -- and from the outside in.

She is a frequent fashion resource for print, broadcast and online media in the Twin Cities and across the country. Here’s a sampling of some of her most recent articles and appearances:


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Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
October 3, 2013 - “Teachers Bring Fashion Into the Classroom" Read story online »

Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
October 3, 2013 - “Teacher Style 101" Read story online »

Star TribuneMpls St Paul Magazine
April 2013
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Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
September 8, 2012 - “Give an education in smart shopping"
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Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
April 10, 2012 - “Time to clean your closet”
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Minnesota DailyReal Simple Magazine
September 2008 Issue
“What’s the Right Thing to Wear?”

Minnesota DailyThe Minnesota Daily
April 7, 2008
“Business Fashion Show teaches etiquette”
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Stressfree Living MagazineStressfree Magazine
February 2008
“Simplify Your Wardrobe”

St. Paul Pioneer PressMetro Magazine
December 2007, “A Gift For You”

St. Paul Pioneer PressSt. Paul Pioneer Press
Oct 3, 2007 - Working Q&A - “Do appearances affect how fast you advance?”

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewPittsburgh Tribune Review
Jun 26, 2007 - “Big House Fashions”
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St. Paul Pioneer PressSt. Paul Pioneer Press
Jun 1, 2007 Working Q&A – “Sandals in the Workplace”

Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
Oct 5, 2006 - “A Well Dressed Plan”
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Star TribuneMinneapolis Star Tribune
Aug 27, 2006
“The Secret is In the Fit”
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Milwaukee Business JournalThe Milwaukee Business Journal
Jun 9, 2006 - “Women Glimpse Champ Car Scene”

St. Paul Pioneer PressSt. Paul Pioneer Press,
Jan 18, 2004 - “Clear Eye On The Straight Buy: A Makeover Isn’t as Elusive As it Seems”


WCCO RadioFaith Radio
The Conversation
Apri 13, 2012 - “Amy Lindquist On The Conversation

WCCO RadioWCCO Radio, AM 830
The Pat Miles Show
January 2, 2006 - “Capri Pants for Men?”

WFMP RadioWFMP Radio, 107.1 FM
The Lori & Julia Show
March 15 and March 19, 2006
“Spring Trends for Men & Women”


WNBCWNBC, June 4th 2007
“Are Your Fashions Fit For 40s -
Are you dressing your age?  An expert gives advice”
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WTOCABC/WTOC, March 2007
“Shake off the Snow and Warm Up Your Wardrobe”
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WEHTABC/News25, April 2006
“For The Summer Fashionista”
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WEHTMetro Magazine
“Metro 100 Pictorial”
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